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The Soma Rosa Difference

Soma Rosa

Sun Grown

For eons plants have thrived under the natural light provided by our nearest star. And we feel no need to change perfection. Growing under the sun provides us with numerous benefits over the heavy carbon output of indoor growing. By using regenerative and environmentally sustainable farming methods not only are we growing in an earth friendly manner, but the sun provides a natural spectrum of light other benefits that indoor growing just can’t provide. We are confident that you will be able to taste and feel the difference in effects that only premium California sungrown cannabis can offer!

Our Farms

Nestled in the world famous wine growing region of Northern California our farms are tended by expert cannabis cultivators with generations of growing experience. Using our perfect climate we’re able to bring the finest sungrown cannabis to the market. Being stewards of the land and members of this beautiful planet we all share, it’s been paramount since day one for us to only use earth friendly farming practices on our farms. We know that being tender with the planet will provide us with generations of top tier cannabis for everyone to enjoy.

Our Nurseries

Whether we are starting from a tiny seed or cloning our favorite mother plants, our nursery has been celebrated for bringing consistent world renowned strains to market. We carefully select our strongest seedlings or clones from each batch to ensure what goes into our bags or joints hit strong, every time. Having our own nursery also allows our expert breeders the freedom to create new and exciting strains so we can be a leader in the future of cannabis.

The Cannabis

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